History Bangkok Fire & Rescue Brigade


            Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department was tranferred from the Royal Thai Police,Fire Brigade Division to Bangkok Metropolitan Administration ( BMA ) according to the Cabinet resolution on 21 January, 8 July and 16 September 2003.   

           The BMA then formed a new department by merging existed two divisions: the Civil Emergency Division of the office of the Permanent Secretary for the BMA, and the Disaster Mitigation Section of the Department of social Welfare,since 1 November 2003 due to the office of BMA Civil Service Commission resolution on 18 August 2003.   

           Thus on 2 November 2003, Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department was established, and has been since then responsible for managing, preventing and mitigating any crisis theatened life of Bangkok people.   

            Vision of the Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department Building network, encouraging participation, emphasizing on prevention, expertise on mitigation  
Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department composes of the following devisions:

Secretarial Division
Secretarial Division is responsible for:

- Document-related work and general administrative work.
- Personnel, finance, supplies, vehicle and transportation administration.
- Organization and management of conference, legal contract and public relations.
- Other related responsibilities.
- The division composes of 3 sections:General Administrative Section, Finance Section and Personnel Section.

Technical and Planning Division
Technical and Planning Division is responsible for:
- Studying, analyzing, planning and developing disaster prevention system.
- Enforcing of Fire Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Act B.E. 2550
- Inspecting and analyzing of causes of fire and disaster
- Acting as information center for managing and distributing related technical information prints and other medias
- Formulating the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Master Plan
- Trainning, promoting skill and knowledge in disaster prevention and mitigation
- Building technical and resource coordination with agencies in international arena
- Other related responsibilities

Fire and Rescue Directing Division
Fire and Rescue Directing Division is responsible for:
- Preventing and mitigating disaster
- Coordinating with public and private agencies
- Setting standards of practices for the Civilian Rescue Volunteer and Mitigation Volunteer
- Providing social welfare and support for the sufferers
- Other related responsibilities

Fire Brigade 1, 2, 3, 4

Fire Brigade are responsible for:
- Extinguishing fire and relieving disaster
- Rescuing and supporting
- Patrolling and preventing fire and other crisises
- Surveying and mapping water source in community and critical hazardous route
- Maintenance of equipments and vehicles to the state of well-preparedness
- Trainning and assisting people and other public agencies in related technical area
- Other related responsibilities

Each Fire Brigade is responsible for number of fire stations as following
- Fire Brigade 1 : 7 Fire stations
- Fire Brigade 2 : 8 Fire stations
- Fire Brigade 3 : 9 Fire stations
- Fire Brigade 4 : 11 Fire stations         
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